August 27-30, 2014
Submitted credentials under the new application. Also submitted country preferences and health history form (self-reported health history form, the real medical clearance comes post-invitation).

October 14, 2014 
Received notification from the Peace Corps office that my application was being considered for Mongolia (my top choice).

January 14-15, 2015
The program close date for Mongolia was Jan 15th and people on the Peace Corps subreddit had already started posting about their invitations to Mongolia. As the 15th got closer and closer with no word from the PC office, I started to accept the fact that I wasn’t in and though I was bummed, I had to start planning my next steps. But on the 14th, I got a call and email from the office requesting an interview. Twenty four hours later, I had my invitation letter. IT WAS BIZARRE. I spent that weekend in a daze, trying not to feel like my whole life had just been upended. It all just happened so damn fast. Anyways, they gave me a week to accept or decline the offer.

Jan-March 2015
Legal and Medical Clearance
It ain’t easy having limited days off to get all the legal and medical paperwork done for Peace Corps. I would recommend starting this process as early as you can. These months were really stressful for me as I had to see all kinds of doctors for all kinds of things and do dozens of follow-up visits. On top of that, I had to make sure my parent’s insurance covered me out of state and my AmeriCorps “health benefits” would take care of the rest. Basically, these were the months I learned how much I hate insurance companies and how strange it is that we aren’t fighting harder to get such blatantly evil and thieving institutions disbanded. #endrant #butnotTheEnd

April 8, 2015
Medically cleared, hip hip hooray!

May 26, 2015
Departed for staging in San Francisco where I will met the rest of my cohort. After a few days of business talk, we flew to Mongolia together to start our Pre-Service Training!

August 15, 2015
Swore-in as an official Peace Corps Volunteer. Left the next day for my permanent site with my supervisor.

July 27, 2017
Officially closed out my service and swapped my PCV credentials for RPCV.


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