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M27 Cohort – Serving from 2016-2018

Anna []
A Chicago native, Swedish-British heritage, and a damn good photographer.

Perrin & Sebastian []
A joint blog between two M27 volunteers living in different provinces with different lifestyles.

Emma [
An Education-TEFL PCV blog with wonderfully written topical posts.

M26 Cohort – Serving from 2015-2017

Eric & Emily []
Young married couple from Kentucky currently serving in the northwest part of Mongolia. It’s very cold there but they survivin’.

Caleb & Sally []
A young married couple from Alabama who plans to save part of their living allowance for a post-service TranSiberian railroad trip.

Ian [
Photographer, countryside PCV, and a well-documented first year.

Sanne []
Journalist by trade documenting PCV life like it is.

Sally Anne [
Community Youth Development PCV who has awesome Third Goal posts. If you’ve got questions about what it’s like to serve here, she’s probably covered it on her blog.

Renee []
One of the handful of PCVs who live in Bayan-Olgii, the western most province of Mongolia where volunteers learn to speak Kazakh and live in a completely different culture than the rest of us.

Candice []
An Ulaanbaatar PCV who was a huge advocate for diversity and inclusion at our post.

M25 Cohort – Served from 2014-2016

Elisa [
An eloquently written blog that really makes you think. Elisa has ended her service and is now with Peace Corps Headquarters in Washington D.C.

Joanna []
One of my favorite blogs from a mid-career PCV who was the wise and comforting confidante for many volunteers.